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This blog is an UNAUTHORIZED ROLE-PLAY, FAN blog for the University of the Philippines' Institute of Mathematics' prodigy, John Gabriel Pelias. He was the record-breaking Summa Cum Laude who obtained a GWA of 1.016, the highest since the 1940's.

Our motivation for creating this blog is to express our thanks to him for all of the things that we learned in our Math class (yes, we're former students) and hopefully, we will be able to share his awesomeness to other students who have failed to enlist or sit-in in one of his classes. Enjoy lurking on this blog! :)

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Bukas na ang Summer Enrollment. Huwag kalimutang dalhin ang Form 5A, tubig, pamaypay at mahabang pasensya!

Sa ibang mga hindi magsasummer class, get lost. :’(

(bitter lang eh noh. :( si admin kasi magsasummer eh huhuhu)

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